6 thoughts on “Stormy Normal

    • We are all set. Meds for 3 weeks. 140 liters of drinking water- 10 days times 3 people. Ample canned and dry goods. Coolers for the fridge and freezer content. 2 tanks of bottled gas for the outside grill and burner. New lighter for the gas range indoors. Two lanterns and 2 flashlights per person and more extra batteries than I can count. Marine battery on the charger to run my C-PAP for 4 nights. 4 power blocks charged to recharge cell phones. Cars will both be filled with gas tomorrow. Chain Saws gassed and sharpened. Hand saws and axe ready. I’ll drop the pool deck furniture into the deep end if it looks like we will see winds over 60 mph. No generator for comfort items but I guess we will make do. I think that about does it. Did I miss anything?

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