About Us:

First, this is a collaborative blog by a mother and a son.  As unlikely a pairing as can be imagined.  Mom has been blogging for years and has suffered much ridicule from her son, not incidentally because her computer literacy is sorely lacking.  Her son imagined her plunge into the blogosphere as just another item on his growing ‘Sonnydo” list; not something to Celebrate!
In the fullness of time, the son created his own blog as a tool to process some “dark matter” in his soul and found that a daily writing discipline had unexpected benefits he never imagined.
While researching poetic forms one day, the son came across an interesting notion- the Mondo- a poetic dialogue between two poets using the same form.  Like Haiku or Tanka, the structure is found in the syllable count as opposed to rhyme scheme.  With much hesitation, he proposed this idea to his mom.  “How about we write a ‘Book of Days’ using this form?  I’ll start with a Katauta (a half poem) and you can finish it.  Then you start one and I’ll finish it.”  It seemed simple enough.
The son was not prepared for the fervency of his mom’s response!  Time will tell what nature of beastie we have created!

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